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Preceptor and Consultant For Your Perinatal Nursing New Educator Workshops 

Perinatal Potpourri Mentoring


Improve patient care & outcomes.

Why have a CNS precept or mentor YOU ? A Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is a Masters or Doctoral prepared Advanced Practice Registered Nurse whose function is to improve outcomes in patient care through evidence-based practice. The CNS is a Clinical Practice Expert, Educator, Leader, Researcher and Consultant, influencing the three spheres of practice: Patient Care, Nursing, and Systems.”

“The CNS collaborates with the frontline nurses and educator to improve care, change practice, and stimulate research.”


Through a 1-4 ZOOM sessions you will receive helpful tools and resources. 

Through your personalized zoom sessions  you will be provided with the tools and resources needed to invigorate a passion for teaching, guidance and mentorship of your  healthcare team ultimately improving perinatal outcomes.  

There will be on-going mentoring e-mails and zoom sessions for a total of 4 sessions or more (plans will be individualized to the goals of the nurse, unit based educator, new grad etc.)  


Dedicated to decreasing infant mortality rates.

The U.S. ranks 47th in the world for Maternal Morbidity and Mortality. We have the poorest outcomes and spend the most money on healthcare. In order to improve patient outcomes and decrease liability and morbidities we need to provide the highest level of evidenced based care. This preceptor course fosters a mentoring workshop with your unit based educator to give her the information and resources available to implement the quality of care needed to save mom’s and babies across the U.S.. While supporting her visions and ideas of how to develop your bedside nurses we will provide the insight and expertise needed to gain confidence, competence, creativity and credibility in her new role.  


Providing Perinatal Nurses with the guidance they desire and need.

Healthcare system invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into the orientation of new bedside nurses. How much do we invest in our new unit based Educators or Emerging Leaders? Nurses need guidance and mentorship throughout their nursing careers. This program will provide very meaningful and structured consultation, leaving you  feeling more confident, and motivated to set an example of quality care and be a leader of your practice. 


We offer immediate access to the important perinatal nursing tools & resources.

What better time than now? As soon as you begin a new role or new chapter in your nursing career, mentorship and consulting should begin. Why not provide yourself  with the tools and resources needed “to invigorate their passion in perinatal nursing”. 


Mentoring & consulting on-site or on-line

There are several options to providing this mentorship and consulting for you. There is a 2 day workshop format that can be done on-site at your facility or live scheduled ZOOM sessions.  This will facilitate individualized growth, learning and professional development at the pace of the mentee. 

Contact me today to schedule your onsite or ZOOM mentoring sessions and let the Infusing Begin!

Your Perinatal Mentor 

LaShea has been a perinatal nurse for over  24 years and in that time has developed a wide range of skills, abilities and knowledge to empower your healthcare team. Her delivery of new information is presented in a way that captivates her audiences and leaves them wanting further development and mentoring. This company was developed because of the large amount of unit based educators; I began to mentor after they had enrolled in one of my on-site courses. I found myself in my downtime being a teacher, an advisor, a role model, a coach and a motivator to many of my past attendees. So I have developed a mentorship program that gives unit based educators or a nurse champions, or any nurse  a comprehensive program that will provide directional guidance  as they learn and adapt to the many tasks and skills they are expected to obtain as a new educator, new career path or role. 

Our values: Perinatal Potpourri’s vision is just as the Holy Scriptures state “faith without works is dead” “ideas and thoughts without action are worthless” Helen Keller.  So we value ourselves on not providing our mentees with just the knowledge of the best evidence to guide clinical practice but effective strategies to translate that into clinical practice. This program benefits the entire organization because ultimately EBP provides improvement in the quality of care and improves patient outcomes/satisfaction while decreasing healthcare costs, morbidities and mortalities.  

Finally, we value providing tools to continue to invigorate and motivate bedside nurses through the programs competency and professional resources. This will ultimately keep their lights shining bright and maintain their zeal for perinatal nursing. 

The Instructor
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