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Understanding Fatherhood 

Sign Up for an Online Course  made especially for New-Dads

This group meets for 2 hours on ZOOM Online... Just $45 per Dad! 

Every 4th Tuesday of the month 

7pm EST 

In this men-only class, Dads-to-be learn what to expect and gain valuable knowledge and confidence from an experienced dad, who is also a certified doula. This workshop provides support and information on how to prepare for labor and birth, breastfeeding, caring for a baby at home and starting the fatherhood journey with confidence.

For More Information Call your Instructor Jason Haynes, Certified Doula,Father,Community Activist & Faith-Based Educator 678-849-4228

Jason Haynes is a veteran dad himself with a blended family of 6 kids ranging from 25 to 11 years old. He will be using the INJOY: Understanding Fatherhood health education program to ensure you receive the most up-to-date information and a curriculum targeted to provide a robust learning experience to new father's. He is expecting his first grandchild  in early April, his wife LaShea Haynes has been in perinatal/OB/women's health nursing  for over 24 years and is a childbirth educator & certified doula herself, she will pop in at the end of the course for any nursing, pregnancy-related questions.   

Father and Daughter

Course Details

This interactive ZOOM seminar begins with a group discussion centered on topics such as:

1. The Pregnant Dad: Involved from the Start, Forming a Team with your Partner, What to Discuss Before the Baby Comes, and Dealing with Relatives. 

2. Labor & Delivery: A Dad Is Born, Baby Safety Basics 

3. Baby Care: Dad in Action, How to Soothe a Crying Baby

4. The Postpartum Dad: Emotions & Your Relationship: Understanding Postpartum Behaviors

5. Parenting A Dad’s Life: Male Bonding, How to be Involved in Your Baby’s Care even During Breastfeeding!


6. The seminar ends with Q & A and round table discussion 

You will also receive resources and handouts that you can review and discuss with your partner after your course.  

The Veteran Dad will also answer any questions the soon-to-be fathers  have...


We strongly encourage dads-to-be to attend Understanding Fatherhood as “rookies” before the birth of their babies.

Payment Options:

Zelle or Paypal QR code
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*Please place desired course date in the add a note section on your PayPal or Zelle payment for faster service and processing of your registration

*Registration fees are final 

* Registration times can be transferred 24hrs prior to start of course

payment options

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations are accepted up to one day prior to the first class for a refund, minus a $20 processing charge.

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